Special giving circles

Partnerships that make a lasting impact on the environment.

Learn more about how you can deepen your commitment to EDF and this important work.

Eco Partner

Eco Partners are a passionate and committed community of nearly 20,000 monthly donors who share a common mission to fight climate change, protect wildlife and wild places and safeguard human health.

Once an Eco Partner member, you will receive quarterly updates and stories of how you are making a difference each and every month.

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Leadership Team

The EDF Leadership Team are select group of members who have the vision and the means to make an even greater impact in solving the planet's most important environmental problems. Leadership Members contribute an annual investment $500 and $4,999.

In recognition of the increased commitment these special partners have made, Leaders receive special reports and event invitations.

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Osprey Legacy Society

Osprey Legacy Society members ensure that EDF remains nimble today and in the future through planned gift support, such as through a will or living trust, or through beneficiary designations in retirement plans, life insurance policies or donor advised funds. Many supporters also consider gifts that pay them back for life, such as charitable gift annuities. Learn more about how your plans can secure an impact the future of the planet today.

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