Will McDow

Manager, Habitat Markets

Areas of expertise: habitat markets, mitigation banking, ecosystem services


Will McDow leads EDF’s effort on biomass energy to address the multiple land, water and wildlife issues associated with increased land-based energy production. Will’s work focuses on policies and practices to address the carbon accounting of bioenergy systems and the development of models of sustainable biomass management. Will works with national, regional and state stakeholders to improve land management, enhance biodiversity and protect water quality on private forest and farm lands.


Will has spent 10 years specializing in economic incentives and rural land management, with an emphasis on energy markets, Farm Bill programs and tax policy.  He led EDF's multi-year effort to pass legislation in North Carolina that gives property tax relief to landowners who undertake conservation activities on their property. Will has coauthored Standing Tall: A New Path for North Carolina’s Private Forests [EDF, 2006] and “Shades of Green: Measuring the Value of Urban Forests in the Housing Market [J. Forest Econ 11(3):177-199, 2005].


  • Master of Forestry, Duke University
  • Master of Environmental Management (Resource Economics and Policy), Duke University
  • Bachelor of Arts (Biology), Lawrence University


Will serves on the NC Forestry Technical Advisory Committee which is responsible for developing best management practices to protect water quality; and the NC Forestry Council to advise the State Forester in the direction and activities of the Division of Forest Resources.

  • Will McDow

    Will McDow


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