About Anna Schiller

Anna Schiller

Program Manager, Climate Resilient Water Systems


Areas of expertise:

Conservation biology, spatial analysis, groundwater management, land use planning


Anna supports EDF’s Central Valley Resilience Initiative through stakeholder engagement, spatial analysis and project management. Her current work is focused on sustainable groundwater management and multibenefit land conversion.


Anna holds a master’s degree from UC Santa Barbara’s Bren School of Environmental Science and Management and a B.S. from UC Davis, where she studied wildlife, fish and conservation biology.

Anna began working with EDF as a graduate student at the Bren School. With a team of graduate students, Anna worked with EDF to build a spatial prioritization tool to recommend land conversion approaches that achieve groundwater sustainability targets and support ecologically important habitat at the lowest cost.

While at the Bren School, Anna also researched the use of voluntary conservation agreements in the energy sector and accessibility of groundwater management information and data. Anna previously worked at an economic and financial consulting firm that specializes in natural resource use, preservation and protection.