About Andrew Hutson

Andrew Hutson

Associate Vice President, Climate-Smart Agriculture


Areas of expertise:

Environmental policy, agriculture, conservation, supply chains, strategy, management, stakeholder engagement


Andrew Hutson is Associate Vice President for Climate-Smart Agriculture where he is responsible for agricultural policy in the United States, including EDF’s efforts to shape farm bill policies that work with American Farmers to adopt climate-smart practices. He also leads EDF’s efforts to advance agricultural adaptation and resilience around the world, creating incentives, policies and social norms to help people thrive on a changing planet.


Andrew returned to EDF in 2022 after five years at the National Audubon Society where he was Vice President and Executive Director of Audubon, North Carolina. During his first 11 years at EDF, he held a variety of roles, including leading two dozen economists, scientists, and capacity building staff at the Fishery Solutions Center of the Oceans Program and opening EDF’s office in Bentonville, Arkansas, to guide Walmart’s fledgling sustainability program. He has provided guidance to the Environmental Protection Agency on sustainability tools and metrics through the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences.


PhD, Public Policy – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

MEM, Resource Economics & Policy –  Duke University

BA, International Relations – Michigan State University


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