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George P. Shultz, Former U.S. Secretary of State

Biggest environmental law in a generation targets chemical safety

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  • Impact: President Obama signed the Lautenberg Act in 2016, reforming our inadequate, decades-old chemical safety law.

  • Our role: strategically with members in both political parties and with other organizations to craft a balanced bill.

Next step: Work with retailers to make products safer »

Retailers make thousands of consumer products safer

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  • Impact: Walmart’s success at reducing toxic chemicals in household products was followed by similar actions from CVS, Target, Johnson & Johnson and Colgate.

  • Our role: We provided scientific guidance to Walmart on how to develop a leadership policy that sets a standard for safer chemicals in the marketplace.

Next step: Help more companies follow the standard »

84% of U.S. fish stocks are now at healthy levels

Red snapper
  • Impact: The number of overfished stocks has dropped from 92 to 38 since 20001 – a dramatic reversal from decades of overfishing.
  • Our role: We introduced catch shares, a management system now widely used. Catch shares give fishermen a stake in the overall health of a fishery.

Next step: Make sustainable fishing the global norm »

Oil and gas companies must curb methane emissions

Oil & gas worker

Next step: Back more policies targeting methane waste »

Clean Power Plan puts first-ever limits on power plant pollution

2014 climate march
  • Impact: The EPA’s plan would dramatically reduce carbon emissions from power plants and ramp up the clean energy market. But under the Trump administration, the EPA has moved to repeal it.
  • Our role: We rallied our members and partners to send comments in support of the plan and defended it in court.

Next step: Fight the attempts to undermine the Clean Power Plan »

China rolls out a bold climate action plan

Solar panel installation in China
  • Impact: The world’s top emitter of greenhouse gases, China announced it will launch a national carbon market in 2017.
  • Our role: Our staff in China provided critical technical assistance for seven pilot carbon markets, building on our success solving acid rain in the U.S.

Next step: Assist China as it launches carbon market »


Photo: Jiri Rezac

Hundreds of companies learn new ways to boost energy efficiency

EDF Climate Corps Fellow
  • Impact: EDF Climate Corps has helped top companies uncover nearly $1.5 billion in wasted energy.2  One in three Fortune 100 companies have hosted Climate Corps fellows.3
  • Our role: Each year we train hundreds of graduate students and embed them at leading organizations to find tangible ways to reduce energy use.

Next step: Cultivate new leaders of climate action »

A breakthrough for threatened wildlife and habitat

Sage grouse
  • Impact: A new conservation tool known as habitat exchanges helps save vulnerable wildlife before they need endangered species protection.
  • Our role: We created the habitat exchange system, then brought together some unlikely allies – including farmers and energy developers – to help protect the declining greater sage-grouse.

Next step: Create more habitat exchanges for wildlife »


Photo: Steven Nehl

Agricultural leaders take major steps to reduce fertilizer pollution

Ear of corn
  • Impact: Corporations ranging from Walmart to Smithfield Foods committed to optimize fertilizer use and improve soil conservation on 23 million acres of U.S. crops.
  • Our role: We’ve developed collaborations with partners across the grain supply chain to showcase the benefits of using fertilizers more efficiently.

Next step: Make even more cropland sustainable »

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