New Advanced Biofuels Initiative “Welcome,” but Would Have Greater Impact if U.S. Supported EU Aviation Law

August 16, 2011

(Washington – August 16, 2011) The Obama Administration’s advanced biofuels initiative announced today has the potential both to promote low-carbon options for ships and planes and to help rural economies, but the initiative would have an even greater impact if the Administration also supported Europe’s aviation anti-pollution law, said Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).

The European Union’s “Aviation Directive” is the only program in the world that sets enforceable limits on carbon pollution from aviation, but the Obama Administration has objected to the application of the law on U.S. airlines.

“Emissions from aviation and shipping are both accelerating and poorly regulated, so it’s welcome to see an investment in efforts to reduce them,” said Jennifer Haverkamp, Director of EDF’s International Climate Program.

“How unfortunate, then, that the Administration is supporting an initiative to stimulate development of advanced biofuels, while at the same time opposing a law in Europe that would reward U.S. airlines for using them.  Clearly the Administration could multiply the positive effects of this initiative on rural jobs and green growth by also supporting the EU’s Aviation Directive,” said Haverkamp.

The EU Aviation Directive would cut 183 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually by 2020, the equivalent of taking 30 million cars off the road every year.



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