Media Availabilty for April 11-12: Carbon Market Experts Available to Comment on California’s Program

April 10, 2012


Three carbon market experts from Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) will be participating in this week’s Navigating the American Carbon World (April 10-12), the leading carbon event in the climate policy and carbon market industry. 



In January 2013, California will be launching its cap-and-trade program, the first economy-wide program in the United States and the second largest carbon market in the world. Some experts have already labeled California’s program the best-designed program anywhere in the world, ever. This work further exemplifies California’s stature as a “first mover” on climate, continuing four decades of groundbreaking energy and environmental policies that have delivered billions of dollars worth of economic rewards. The work is not done though, and further developments are in progress to link with regional markets, create state-level initiatives related to Reducing Environmental Degradation and Destruction (REDD) in forests, and defend it against current and future legal challenges. A thriving, sustainable and scalable program here will ultimately prove that smart climate policy and economic growth go hand-in-hand.


Who and When:

EDF experts will be participating in the following panels:


·        On Wednesday, April 11th, Eric Pooley, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Communications and author of the acclaimed book, The Climate War, will be moderating the plenary panel, “Guide Stars—State and National Leadership Across the Globe,” focused on the efforts and prospects for creating a network of trading programs and exploring linkages under a series of multi- and bi-lateral market linkages.

·        On Wednesday, April 11th, Dr. Stephan Schwartzman, Director, Tropical Forest Policy, will be moderating a panel, “REDD Skies, Developing Sub-National REDD+ Policies,” that explores ongoing efforts to build sub-national carbon crediting policies and programs that reduce deforestation and link to markets in California and beyond.

·        On Thursday, April 12th, Tim O’Connor, Director, California Climate and Energy Initiative, will be participating in the panel, “Rocky Shoals: Legal Issues Lurking in Shallow Water,” about current and future legal challenges to California’s program.



The Palace Hotel, 2 New Montgomery Street San Francisco, CA 94105



If you are interested in speaking with any of these experts before, during or after the conference, please contact Lori Sinsley, EDF, at 415-293-6097 (office), 415-902-8111 (mobile) or


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