EDF Statement on North Carolina Vetoes

June 30, 2011

On NC Governor Bev Perdue’s veto of S 781 Regulatory Reform:
“The veto sends a clear signal to legislators that rolling back regulations that protect the state’s environment is not a viable business plan for economic recovery or the well being of families. Instead of cutting red tape, this bill creates mountains of new red tape that handcuff the state’s environmental watchdogs. The veto sends the strong message that North Carolina puts out the welcome mat to industries that both create good jobs and respect our natural resources. Hats off to Governor Perdue for the veto.”

On NC Governor Bev Perdue’s veto of S 709 Energy Jobs Act:
“The veto prevents a headlong rush into dirty fossil fuel sources that could dramatically change the face of North Carolina. No one wants that. The risks of offshore drilling to the coast and fracking to water supplies are well documented. Lawmakers should not repeat the mistakes made by other states. Three cheers for Governor Perdue for the veto.”

Background on S 781 Regulatory Reform
S 781 is a direct assault on environmental regulations. It will bury North Carolina in red tape, slowing down environmental protections, and could strip regulations safeguarding air and water down to the bare minimum.

Background on S 709 Energy Jobs Act
It would move North Carolina away from clean energy and increase reliance on fossil fuels. It fails to recognize the role of energy efficiency as the most cost-effective way to a clean energy future. It promotes offshore drilling and opens the door to fracking. It hijacks the NC Energy Policy Council, restructuring it into a one-sided panel of industry representatives.