EDF statement on North Carolina shale gas drilling

March 28, 2012


Jane Preyer, jpreyer@edf.org, 919-740-6727
Georgette Foster, gfoster@edf.org, 919-881-2927

(Raleigh, NC - March 28, 2012) Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) today said that North Carolina should take a “cautious and conservative” approach to natural gas exploration that prevents a rush to drilling and protects the state’s water resources, air quality and the well being of communities.  Rep. Mitch Gillespie held an afternoon press conference today on shale gas development at the NC legislative building.  The following statement may be attributed to Jane Preyer, Southeast director of Environmental Defense Fund:

“Lawmakers acknowledge the state does not have sufficient data about the impacts of gas drilling.  A cautious, conservative approach will help decision makers answer tough questions about the risks to human health, water resources and air quality.  Right now, there are more questions than answers. 

“Current gas production practices impose unacceptable impacts on air, water, landscapes and communities.  The public’s right to clean water and clean air cannot be compromised.  North Carolina will need strong rules and enforcement.  We can learn from the experiences of other states, and we can do better.”


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