XTO Energy Calls for Methane Regulation

Statement by Ben Ratner, Director, EDF + Business, Environmental Defense Fund

February 5, 2018
Stacy MacDiarmid, (512) 691-3439, smacdiarmid@edf.org
(Washington, DC – February 5, 2018) XTO Energy, subsidiary of ExxonMobil and one of North America’s largest oil and gas producers, today called on governments to regulate and reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas industry, laying out a proposed framework for such regulations.
“XTO’s support for regulation is a step in the right direction. However, the proposed elements of a regulatory program fall short in several key respects, including the scope of emissions sources it would cover and the strength of the measures themselves. EDF looks forward to working with leading companies and other stakeholders to support methane regulations that build from and improve upon federal and state regulatory models and ensure that we are tapping all cost-effective solutions to comprehensively address oil and gas methane emissions.

“Responsible oil and gas producers must prepare for the future by minimizing methane emissions in their operations and supporting common-sense policies to level the playing field. XTO’s announcement rightly recognizes that government action is essential to address methane emissions across the entire industry.

“Today’s announcement stands in stark contrast to the Trump Administration’s reckless efforts to reverse federal protections that would achieve cost-effective methane reductions. In a dynamic energy landscape, where cleaner alternatives are increasingly competitive, the future role of natural gas is called into question by unchecked methane. Competitive companies are already using technology to reduce methane pollution and enhance efficiency as part of good operational practice and stewardship.”

- Ben Ratner, Director, EDF + Business, Environmental Defense Fund

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