Walmart Releases Initial Progress on Sustainable Chemistry Policy

Statements of EDF’s Sarah Vogel, Vice President of Health, and Michelle Mauthe Harvey, Supply Chain Director

April 20, 2016
Michelle Mauthe Harver, (479) 845-3813,
Nancy Buzby, (617) 406-1821,

(Washington, D.C. – April 20, 2016) Today, Walmart released its ninth annual Global Responsibility Report, which outlines its environmental and social activities for the past year. For the first time, this report includes information about the progress made on implementing the company’s sustainable chemistry policy.

According to Walmart, it has reduced the usage (by weight) of its designated high priority chemicals by 95 percent. It is expected that details about how this progress was made will be posted on Walmart’s Sustainability Hub in the coming weeks, along with the names of the high priority chemicals that have been targeted for reduction or elimination.

Environmental Defense Fund experts released the following statements:

“EDF has been working with Walmart to phase out chemicals of concern in consumer products in the home and personal care categories because product changes at Walmart help shift the market to safer choices for consumers. We look forward to Walmart’s public disclosure of the data behind their progress, including the identity of its high priority chemicals. We believe that Walmart’s actions paired with the forthcoming additional transparency will be a powerful combination that empowers similar actions by other retailers and suppliers.”

Sarah Vogel, Vice President of EDF’s Health Program

“Approximately 80 percent of Americans shop at Walmart. When the retailer implemented a corporate sustainable chemicals policy in 2013, businesses across the supply chain paid attention. Two and a half years later, Walmart is showing real progress on that commitment, to the benefit of us all. That kind of corporate leadership not only moves dangerous chemicals off the shelf, it helps meet consumer demand for safer ingredients industry-wide.”

Michelle Mauthe Harvey, EDF’s Supply Chain Director

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