Resolution to Protect the Colorado River Sends Important Signal in New Era of Aridification

Statement from Water for Arizona Coalition and Kevin Moran, Senior Director, Colorado River Program

December 15, 2021
Ronna Kelly, (415) 293-6161,

(LAS VEGAS, NV – Dec. 15, 2021) Arizona, Nevada, key California agencies under the Colorado River Board of California and conservation groups issued a resolution today outlining a commitment to seek effective solutions to challenges facing the Colorado River, including achieving new reductions in Lower Colorado River water use and taking steps to protect the long-term sustainability of the Colorado River Basin.

The resolution, unveiled at this year’s Colorado River Water Users Association Conference, acknowledges the impact of aridification on water supplies and the importance of ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Colorado River for all parties. 

In response, the Water for Arizona Coalition issued the following statement: 

“This commitment to continued collaboration to protect and preserve the Colorado River is crucial as climate change fundamentally changes the basin. The Water for Arizona Coalition looks forward to helping develop and implement durable strategies to ensure water security for all Arizona communities and protect our life-giving rivers and freshwater ecosystems in the face of basin-wide aridification.”

Kevin Moran, chair of the Water for Arizona Coalition and senior director of EDF’s Colorado River Program, added, “This resolution is a recognition of the urgent need to increase both the pace and scale of collaborative water conservation agreements and investments in resilience. The next chapter in the Colorado River’s story can be about people adapting to new water realities collaboratively, equitably and quickly so that we sustain civilization and the natural systems that nourish all of us.”

The Water for Arizona Coalition is a community of Arizonans who support innovative practices and smart policies to ensure a reliable water supply to meet the state’s needs. The Coalition was recently recognized as an Arizona Capitol Times “2020 Leader of the Year” for their efforts in protecting Arizona's most valuable resource. Organizational support is provided by solution-oriented groups like American Rivers, Audubon Arizona, Business for Water Stewardship, Environmental Defense Fund and Western Resource Advocates that collectively have over 60,000 Arizona members, as well as hundreds of hunters, anglers, and outdoor recreation enthusiasts across the state.