Rep. Tonko Principles Provide Solid Foundation for Climate Action

Statement of Elizabeth Gore, Senior Vice President, Political Affairs, Environmental Defense Fund

March 25, 2019
Keith Gaby,, (202) 572-3336

"We applaud Rep. Paul Tonko's introduction of principles for climate action. Congressman Tonko has met with business, labor, scientists, activists and others to build a solid foundation for smart, bold climate action – exactly the hard work that's necessary to pass major legislation. His nine principles include many of the most important elements of good policy, including enforceable declining limits on pollution aligned with the pace and scale needed to address this crisis.  And by engaging with so many stakeholders, his outline ensures an approach that will be fair, efficient, and effective.

"Climate change is a threat to our economy, our national security, and our children's future. EDF is focused on developing climate solutions that cut pollution as much as the best science tells us is necessary and can get the votes to pass Congress. Rep. Tonko's ongoing work is a major contribution toward achieving that goal. We look forward to working with him, and members on both sides of the aisle, to make it happen."

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