New Report Proves Ohio Nukes do not Require a Bailout under HB 6

EDF statement from Dick Munson, Director, Regulatory & Legislative Affairs

May 29, 2019
Erica Fick, (512) 691-3406,

(COLUMBUS, OH) E-Cubed Policy Associates yesterday released a study confirming that FirstEnergy Solutions’ Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants are profitable, and that bailing them out under HB 6 would raise electricity rates for Ohioans while delivering no emissions benefits. These findings come just a day before the Ohio House of Representatives is likely to vote on HB 6, which would bail out FirstEnergy’s uneconomic power plants at a cost of $300 million per year and destroy state programs that encourage energy efficiency and clean energy. The report was written by Dr. Paul Sotkiewicz, president of E-Cubed Associates and former chief economist for PJM Interconnection.

“Independent research now confirms that the entire pretext for bailing out FirstEnergy’s power plants is bogus. Why should Ohioans be forced to bail out a profitable company?”

  • Dick Munson, Director, Regulatory & Legislative Affairs

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