ExxonMobil Takes a Positive Stand, Severs Ties with ALEC

Statement of Ben Ratner, Senior Director, EDF+Business

July 12, 2018
Shira Langer, slanger@edf.org, (202) 572-3254


"ExxonMobil made an important statement by cutting ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC has systematically attacked climate and environmental policies that support healthy communities, a stable climate, and regulatory certainty that can help businesses thrive through de-carbonization. Companies seeking to show corporate social responsibility must influence trade associations and other organizations to adopt responsible positions, and must distance themselves from groups that pursue agendas harmful to public health and the environment.

"ExxonMobil also recently joined BP, Shell and others in committing to support policies and regulations to reduce methane emissions from the natural gas value chain. Now companies must follow through on these steps by taking concrete action, including by defending EPA's finding that methane emissions from the oil and gas sector endanger public health and welfare, and by opposing efforts to weaken federal and state policies that secure reductions of these potent pollutants."

--Ben Ratner, Senior Director, EDF+Business

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