EPA and DOE Announce $1 Billion in Funding for Methane Mitigation

EDF statement from Grace Smith, Attorney, U.S. Legal and Regulatory

February 9, 2024
Jack Alber, (415)-530-7042, jalber@edf.org

EPA and DOE took critical action today in announcing the availability of $1 billion in funding from Congress’s Methane Emissions Reduction Program (passed as part of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act). The available funds will be awarded to states, Tribes, technology developers, industry, and non-governmental organizations to slash methane pollution from oil and gas facilities. The oil and gas sector is the largest industrial source of methane emissions, a climate super-pollutant, and a significant source of health-harming air pollution for communities living near oil and gas sites.  

The funding announced by EPA and DOE will reduce methane and associated air pollution at oil and gas facilities in the near-term; spur the further development of methane mitigation technology to help oil and gas operators reduce emissions across their sites more quickly; and fund measurement and monitoring technologies that can help industry find and fix leaks, help states and Tribes enforce protections, and increase public awareness of where emissions are coming from.

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