EDF Statement regarding the release of a draft equivalency agreement between Environment and Climate Change Canada and British Columbia on oil and gas methane emissions

July 1, 2024
Kelsey Robinson, 512-691-3404, krobinson@edf.org

Ottawa (July 1, 2024) - Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) recently released a draft equivalency agreement for oil and gas methane emissions in British Columbia. Intended to ensure provincial methane regulations meet comparable emissions reduction goals as federal regulations, equivalency agreements are a way for provincial and federal regulators to prevent redundancy while improving overall effectiveness. 

“While EDF is pleased to see ECCC and BC acting to address this powerful climate pollutant, the final agreement will need to include robust accountability and transparency measures to ensure regulations don’t fall short of the climate ambition this moment demands. 

All oil and gas facilities should be required to measure and publicly report their emissions. The agreement uses modelling to estimate future emission reductions, however, this method has repeatedly been revealed to be extremely inaccurate. The agreement should formally recognize the need to quickly transition to a reporting system based on actual emissions.   

While BC’s current regulations are relatively strong, there are still easy and affordable mitigation opportunities at the ready. Other jurisdictions, including at the U.S. federal and state level, are adopting more stringent measures, shown to be inexpensive and highly effective at reducing emissions in key areas such as eliminating certain devices that are designed to intentionally emit climate pollution.”  


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