Statement by EDF President Fred Krupp on the Killing of George Floyd

May 30, 2020

“Racism, leads only to harm and death. It has always been so. EDF condemns all racist expressions, actions, and policies. These have been ingrained in our society for far too long.

“The murder of George Floyd, and countless other unarmed Black people, weighs heavily on the conscience of this nation. We all need to speak out against acts of brutality, big and small. It is especially important that White Americans do so.

“EDF demands not only justice, but reform and equity, to end the long train of abuse arising from the same cause: racism.

“For too long conservation and environmental movements have not spoken up to address the long-standing challenges that non-white communities face. Environmental organizations should work to bring down the barriers that affect Black, people of color, and Indigenous communities. EDF will provide support and solutions to achieve environmental justice and equity.”

  • EDF President Fred Krupp

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