Continuing Resolution Would Reopen Government, Protect Families

Proposal offers commonsense way to pay government workers and restore critical agencies

January 24, 2019
Keith Gaby, (202) 572-3336,

A proposed Continuing Resolution currently under consideration in the Senate offers a commonsense solution to end the government shutdown on its 34th day, put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work, and restore agencies critical to protecting public health and the environment. At present, nearly 95% of EPA’s 14,000 staff members are unable to perform their duties, leaving communities and families at greater risk from pollution and other contaminants. The Continuing Resolution would allow the government to function at FY2018 levels of funding, would be free of dangerous anti-environmental policy riders, and provides additional relief funding to communities still recovering from natural disasters.

“Recent political debates have centered on our safety, yet the government shutdown has left children and families more vulnerable to pollution and environmental hazards. The Senate has the opportunity today to end this reckless shutdown, provide hundreds of thousands of Americans with much-needed, hard-earned pay, and get our government back on track.

“We are only now beginning to assess the long-term impacts of this reckless federal shutdown. There will be bureaucratic backlogs at EPA and other environmental, conservation, and research programs. As environmental protections continue to be put on the back burner, communities throughout the U.S. will continue struggling to recover from disaster impacts and will have limited funds to prepare for the hurricane and wildfire seasons. Already we have seen major decreases in civil enforcement against polluters under the Trump administration, and with EPA employees unable to do their jobs, polluters are free to dirty our air, water and land without accountability.

“It is time that Congress ends the shutdown and allows Americans to return to work and go unburdened by the threat of unnecessary health risks.”

  • Elizabeth Gore, Senior Vice President, Political Affairs

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