If you have an idea for a valuable partnership between an entity you represent and EDF we look forward to hearing from you. EDF has a long history of cause marketing partnerships with a wide variety of generous people and companies from musicians to consumer brands. Please submit this form so we can get the conversation started. Thank you for reaching out.
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*Please be aware that any promotion that incentivizes sales or a consumer action may trigger legal commercial co-venture requirements in your state (“Applicable Law”). More specifically, if you wish to advertise and sell your product/services and make the representation that EDF will benefit from the sales, this may constitute a co-venture under applicable state law, and you should familiarize yourself with such state law in all applicable jurisdictions. And if item is sold online, the law does not just apply to the company’s state.
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Note: EDF will evaluate each request individually to ensure we are compliant with our organizational policies. One of our staff will be in touch within two weeks to discuss next steps.