Fixing New York City transit

A modern, clean public transit system is critical to meeting climate goals. A comprehensive congestion pricing plan will help New York get there.

  • $1.5 billionTo be raised each year by congestion pricing
  • 6 millionDaily commuters who rely on NYC subways

New York is on the front lines of climate action, but the city and state can’t achieve their ambitious climate goals with a public transit system that’s falling apart. Congested streets and an outdated, inefficient subway system mean New Yorkers struggle every day to get to their homes and jobs in a reliable, affordable and low-carbon way.

A growing coalition of businesses, advocates and community groups recognize congestion pricing as the solution. By charging drivers in the busiest and most traffic-choked part of Manhattan, congestion pricing would raise $1.5 billion every year to cut traffic and pollution, expand service to underserved communities and “transit deserts,” and help the city achieve its goal of an all-electric, clean bus fleet.

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