Reports and publications

  • Just transition and safeguards framework

    Type: Report

    Date: April 9, 2024

    Report produced by EDF provides guidelines for developing strategies, plans, measures and metrics that will ensure a fair and equitable transition towards cleaner energy sources. It also provides guidance on how to measure whether activities uphold decarbonization benefits, environmental rights and the interests of impacted stakeholders, including Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities.

  • Report from EDF and Deloitte examines the role of key greenhouse gases, identifies primary drivers of emissions, and recommends potential abatement solutions for six primary Forest, Land, and Agriculture (FLAG commodities – beef, dairy, chicken, corn, soy, and wheat in an effort to help companies develop plans to work towards achieving the target reductions.

  • El Programa de Reutilización de Tierras con Múltiples Beneficios (MLRP, por sus siglas en inglés) aumenta la capacidad regional para reutilizar tierras agrícolas de riego para usos que reduzcan la dependencia de las aguas subterráneas y proporcionen, al mismo tiempo, beneficios para la salud de la comunidad, bienestar económico, suministro de agua, hábitat, energía renovable y beneficios climáticos. El programa proporciona fondos para subvenciones regionales en bloque, subvenciones a tribus y una Entidad de Apoyo Estatal para brindar asistencia técnica a los beneficiarios en bloque y apoyar el progreso hacia los objetivos del programa.

  • A cover letter submitted by a coalition of Colorado River Basin organizations, including to EDF, to the Bureau of Reclamation on March 29, 2024. It introduces the Cooperative Conservation Alternative to protect the Colorado River — the nation’s most endangered river — after current management guidelines expire in 2026.

  • Study based on research conducted at institutions including Environmental Defense Fund, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and Columbia University, assessed whether 43 nature-based climate-solutions (NbCS) are based on sufficiently strong scientific evidence to support solutions like high-quality carbon crediting.

  • This EDF paper addresses the critical nature of national oil companies (NOCs) and the IOC's non-operated joint ventures (NOJVs) and how, together, they can accelerate industry’s methane momentum.

  • EDF report offers an introduction to sustainable finance for methane abatement.

  • This investor guide from EDF provides the financial sector with an overview of the rule and its key components, summarize the implications of the rule for investors, put the rule into context with other international frameworks, and map out next steps towards implementation of the rule.

  • EDF analysis shows actual 2023 EV sales outperformed over 85% of expert forecasts from 2019 to 2022.

  • The growth in electric vehicle (EV) sales globally and the expectation of continued growth has led to huge investments in EV manufacturing and battery manufacturing around the world. Using data from Atlas Public Policy’s Global Private Investment Dashboard, EDF tallied EV and battery manufacturing investments in key regions of the world to see what trends can be observed.