EDF’s diversity, equity and inclusion statement

EDF is committed to making transformative change toward a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture where everyone feels like they belong.

We know that tackling the world’s biggest environmental challenges requires a staff that has a diverse set of experiences, backgrounds, perspectives, ideas and insights.

Fundamental change is necessary to develop creative solutions, build durable processes and better understand and support communities on the front lines of climate change.

To realize our full potential, we are committed to building inclusivity and equitability into every level of our organization.

We know that providing equitable opportunities and meaningful support for our staff is key to achieving the best version of EDF and securing a vital Earth for everyone.

A Venn diagram illustrating how diversity, equity and inclusion align to create a sense of belonging at work
  • Diversity: Multiple identities and differences are represented within an organization. EDF reflects the diversity of the places where we work.
  • Equity: Opportunities for equal access, fair treatment and advancement are available. The organization identifies and eliminates barriers that prevent full participation for all groups, especially those that are historically underserved and underrepresented.
  • Inclusion: Diversity is valued, welcomed and embraced within an organization. Active, intentional and ongoing engagement with diversity enhances the ability of individuals to interact and participate.
  • Belonging: People feel accepted and connected to the organization. Individuals are engaged to their full potential. Innovation and productivity thrive. Views, beliefs and values are integrated within a common set of organizational norms.

How diversity, equity and inclusion foster a sense of belonging at work.

Our objectives

To attract, recruit, develop and retain an organizational community that reflects the diversity of where we work, we will:

  • Value the perspectives and talents that come from a community that includes and is not limited to diversity in race, gender, ethnicity, sexual identity, immigration status, socio-economic status, age, ability, religion and philosophy.
  • Create opportunities for all staff to have an impact on our work and the world they live in.
  • Foster and cultivate a continuous learner’s mindset into our organizational philosophy.
  • Encourage our leaders to invest in and commit to our transformative work for DEI and become socially accountable in all management practices.

To create an inclusive culture that allows all staff members to thrive, we will:

  • Value and invest in psychological safety, including acknowledgement of trauma, shame and grief related to anti-racism culture change and systemic exclusion culture change work.
  • Examine and challenge systems of thinking that exclude others, including acknowledging the privilege our organization holds.
  • Build capacity to understand and empathize, investing in the cultural competence of our staff at all levels.

To make equity integral to our culture, management, processes and operations, we will:

  • Invest in the personal growth of all staff with educational opportunities, as well as career growth, economic well-being and work-life balance.
  • Hold ourselves and each other accountable for creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace that produces equitable systems for access, treatment and advancement.
  • Create, evaluate and audit our DEI plans with rigorous evidence-based analysis, conducted with transparency and accountability

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