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The unlikely leader of IKEA‘s EV revolution

After building a career about as far away from sustainability as you can get, Steven Moelk has found himself in a place he never imagined: as the guy responsible for bringing electric vehicle home delivery to IKEA.

Steven’s career shift from the “mainstream” required something now familiar to many professionals: learning sustainability on the fly. The key, he says, is to master the mechanics of your business inside and out.

“Electrification is coming”, Steven says… and with it will also come a diverse array of new jobs.

Show episode notes

02:43 – Steve’s unlikely start for a career in sustainability.

04:56 – On the skillsets he needed to start his own business.

07:49 – On Steve’s transition from the home delivery business to a “sustainability pervasive” company like IKEA.

11:22 – On moving to a purpose-driven career… and learning sustainability on the job.

13:24 – Steve talks on the realities of meeting IKEA’s goals for zero-emissions home delivery.

14:52 – The nuts and bolts of financing a transition to EVs across the mainstream.

16:38 –  On adopting the Uber and Lyft business models.

17:24 – How this shift toward EVs can’t be an “IKEA-only” solution.

19:09 – Steve talks about the need to have more people working on this problem.

20:23 – What skillsets will be needed for the EV revolution.

23:14 – EVs versus diesels–and all the value added benefits for neighborhoods.

25:53 – All the related fields that will need workers to support the EV revolution.

26:52 – Advice for business owners to prepare for the coming of the full EV fleets.

28:27 – Steve’s hope for the Biden-Harris administration: supporting consumer demand for EVs.


Details about IKEA’s quest for zero emissions for home deliveries.

Learn more about IKEA’s sustainability strategy.

GreenBiz on IKEA’s commitment to becoming “climate positive”.

EDF’s Jason Mathers on electrification of trucks.

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