EDF Live: Environmental and Health Disparities and Race

COVID-19 has shined a spotlight on health disparities in the U.S. But people of color have endured inequity in health outcomes long before the current pandemic. What does the data show, what are the causes, and what can we do about it?

Join EDF President Fred Krupp and a panel of scientists and advocates as we explore the connections between health disparities and race.


  • Camara Phyllis Jones, MD, MPH, PhD, Radcliffe Fellow, Harvard University, Senior Fellow, Satcher Health Leadership Institute, and Past President of the American Public Health Association
  • Kenneth Olden, PhD, Former Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, EDF Trustee
  • Ananya Roy, PhD, Senior Health Scientist, EDF
  • Peggy Shepard, Co-founder and Executive Director, West Harlem Environmental Action, EDF Trustee