Solving climate change takes a global effort

China and other nations are poised to change—but they need our help

Local farmers in Guangyuan city, Sichuan Province participating in the Precise F

These farmers in the Sichuan Province of China joined our 2010 Precise Fertilizer project. Local farmers learned how to reduce fertilizer use and pollution while increasing profit and yield.

Green Commuting Fund


Our top global strategies to combat climate change

  • Unprecedented soot and smog in China

    Driving momentum for a cleaner China »

    China is the world’s top emitter of greenhouse gases, and it burns half the world’s coal supply each year. By implementing large-scale market-based incentives, China can change course and become a world leader in green energy, while remaining prosperous.

  • Kayapó child from Brazil

    Preserving rainforests through new financial markets »

    Deforestation causes roughly 15% of the world’s greenhouse gases. We want to transform the profit motive and make forests more valuable alive than dead. Doing so would be one of the most efficient ways to lower global emissions in a way that protects the livelihoods of indigenous communities.

  • Foster less-polluting agriculture

    Cultivate low-carbon farming »

    Agriculture accounts for about 10-12% of global greenhouse gas emissions. By transitioning to low-carbon farming techniques, we can not only reduce emissions, but also increase profit and yield for farmers. See how we’re helping rice farmers sustainably feed a growing world.