Solving climate change takes a global effort

EDF is helping China and other nations take big steps toward lasting change. Here's how.

  • Unprecedented soot and smog in China

    Helping China move to clean energy »

    China is the world's top emitter of greenhouse gases, burning half the world's coal supply each year. With its new carbon market and renewable energy efforts, China is working to change course and become a world leader in green energy, while remaining prosperous.

  • Kayapó child from Brazil

    Preserving rainforests for people and wildlife »

    Deforestation causes up to 19% of the world's greenhouse gases. Transforming the profit motive — to make forests more valuable alive than dead — is one of the most efficient ways to lower global emissions while protecting indigenous communities.

  • Foster less-polluting development in India

    Lowering carbon emissions in rural India »

    We're working on ways to lift millions of people in India out of poverty while also addressing climate change and food and energy security. For example, we're encouraging adoption of cleaner burning cookstoves and promoting climate-smart farming techniques.

  • Lower aviation pollution

    Reducing aviation pollution to curb climate change »

    Aviation pollution is forecasted to triple by 2050 if no policy measures are taken. We're working with governments and the aviation industry to adopt and use policy tools that can help — and encourage the use of more fuel-efficient planes and lower-carbon alternative fuels.

Updates on our global climate work

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