A clean energy future is possible now

Family in front of their home with solar panels.

How do we power the world without destroying it in the process?

Challenging, yes, but there is a way forward. Clean energy solutions exist at every stage of the energy system—from power plants to the outlets on your wall.

If we rethink how we make, move and use power, we can change the world.

Jim Marston Jim Marston VP, US Climate and Energy

Clean energy is…

Computer with data visuals

Driven by data

By providing people with information about their electricity use—down to every plugged-in device in a home or business—they can make choices that save money and maximize efficiency and convenience.

We’ll go on our network and see by keeping that TV plugged in, we’re using energy without it even being on.

Todd and Hannah Calvert Family from Austin, Texas
Woman with electric car


Everyone—including homeowners—can produce and sell power, and make quick adjustments to usage based on their electricity needs. This distributed, flexible system is more resilient and wastes less energy.

It’s inherently more efficient energy delivery.

Scott Hinson Lab director for Pike Powers Lab and Center for Commercialization


Unlike today’s century-old electricity grid, a modern, intelligent, flexible system is built to maximize renewables like solar and wind and lets the power grid perform more like the Internet.

Harnessing sun and wind power more fully would bring us much closer to a low-carbon future.

Lenae Shirley EDF senior manager of technology innovation and market adaption
Wall Street sign

An investment opportunity

Clean energy is one of America’s fastest growing industries, with investors looking for new opportunities. As a result, alternative energy is becoming more affordable.

Clean energy is creating homegrown, well-paying jobs all across the country.

Vic Rojas EDF senior manager of financial policy

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