Clean Power Plan rollback puts you in danger

The Trump administration has released the final version of its rollback of the Clean Power Plan. It's every bit as awful for Americans’ health and safety as we feared it would be.

Why is this rollback so dangerous?

The administration's so-called Affordable Clean Energy rule fails to protect Americans from the increasing cost of climate change and does nothing to support clean energy.

It's a disgrace — a do-nothing replacement that includes no real limits on climate pollution. It could actually lead to increased pollution that harms our health.

States and power companies across the country are already reducing climate pollution, in some cases by much more than the Clean Power Plan called for.

We should seize on and build from this clean energy momentum. Instead, the Trump administration’s rollback will pull us down a dangerous path.

Why is the Clean Power Plan better?

Power plants are among America's largest sources of climate pollution, responsible for about one-third of climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions in the country.

The Clean Power Plan, unveiled in 2015, established the first nationwide limits on such pollution from power plants.

Under that plan, states would have flexibility in how they lower pollution, and the plan stresses renewable energy and energy efficiency as key tools, which would boost the clean energy economy.

It was projected to save up to 4,500 lives a year and reduce climate pollution by more than 400 million tons a year by 2030.

By contrast, the Trump administration's plan would result in increased soot- and smog-forming pollution in as many as 20 states and Washington, D.C., by 2030, according to peer-reviewed analysis.

What can you do?

This attack on climate action ignores science and undermines clean energy progress that would benefit all Americans.

It leaves you unprotected from dangerous pollution that is accelerating the climate crisis and putting your health in danger.

We at EDF will do everything in our power to fight it. Help us by demanding that Congress stand against this attack.

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