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Climate myths put people
and communities at risk

Together we can stop the flood of climate misinformation. Let’s start with the facts:

  • Climate change is real and caused by people, and there is overwhelming scientific consensus that this is true.
  • Climate change studies are transparent, written by scientists and reviewed by other experts before they publish.
  • Addressing climate change will strengthen the economy.

However, climate myths can crowd out the truth, with dangerous consequences.

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Stop climate myths

We want to empower you in this fight. Join us and we’ll notify you — and thousands of others — about dangerous misinformation and how to stop its spread.

Why the time to fight is now

EDF is serious about fighting climate change misinformation because solving the climate crisis depends on it. There is simply no time left for distractions or to delay urgent climate action.

Fortunately, momentum is growing. Just in the last year, EDF joined a coalition of more than 18 environmental and research organizations tracking and combating misinformation in various ways — the first coalition of its kind.

We’re also helping people identify and report climate misinformation on social networks, hold the sources of disinformation accountable and develop new tools and tactics to fight the spread of disinformation.

How you can help

Sign up below to join us in this fight today. If you’re also an influencer who can rally your followers to spread the truth about climate change — and the power we have to solve it — let us know.

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