For each portion of the transportation sector, there are numerous opportunities for innovation that will speed the transition. Within the EV transition, for example, companies are seeking better battery technology, developing battery recycling markets, integrating EVs with home charging and storage systems, and more. With so many moving pieces, it’s easy to see why the transportation sector has received nearly 40% of the $70 billion in climate tech investment in the last two years.

Three Startups Taking on Transportation
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In recent years, EDF brought together private investors, climate experts and entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges and innovations in transportation. Here are three interesting transportation startups that were part of those conversations. 

Fleet Electrification

Electriphi has developed a platform that leverages machine learning algorithms to provide comprehensive fleet and energy management solutions. This reduction in operational costs can also accelerate deployment of infrastructure and electric vehicles for fleet operators.

Battery Technology

Sila Nanotechnologies designs and manufactures advanced battery materials to dramatically improve energy storage and accelerate electric vehicle adoption. Its new battery materials chemistry enables lighter, safer, higher energy density batteries. 

Mobility Infrastructure

Without the need for sensors or surveys, Streetlight Data uses trillions of mobile location data points to measure mobility of vehicles and people, providing on-demand analytics for transportation planning, policy, and operations. This can reduce vehicle miles traveled through better decision-making and optimization of vehicular infrastructure.