California Must Adopt the Advanced Clean Fleets Rule

Row of trucks driving on freeway with windmills in the distance

The rule will significantly increase the health and emissions reduction benefits without increasing costs.

We applaud the California Air Resources Board staff for proposing to strengthen the 100% pollution-free truck sales target. Now, CARB must vote to adopt the strengthened regulation to ensure that the next generation of Californians won’t grow up breathing the nation’s dirtiest air.

Transitioning California’s trucks from diesel engines to zero-emission electric motors is one of the most powerful opportunities to reduce climate pollution, address equity, improve our health and lower the cost of operating trucks.

With Gov. Newsom’s call to electrify the state’s vehicles, CARB must now develop and adopt the Advanced Clean Fleet standard, which determines how, where and when these zero-emission vehicles will hit California’s roads and provides a blueprint for how we get to 100% electric trucks by 2036.

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