Our work in Europe

From our London office and with local partners across Europe, we're currently focusing on sustainable fisheries and climate and energy policy. Together, we create solutions that work for people and the environment.

Environmental Defense Fund uses its economic savvy to craft environmental solutions that make business sense.

Nicholas Ferguson,  Member, Environmental Defense Fund Europe Board

Key initiatives

  • Fisheries Reform

    Sustainable fishery management »

    Opportunity: Recent management reforms have helped to secure a bright future for fish stocks and jobs. However, there is more to be done in giving fishermen a voice in the management of their fisheries.

    EDF's work: Drive a shift towards inclusive co-management and secure tenure fishing rights, giving fishermen a greater stake in the future of their fisheries.

  • Fisheries Reform

    Climate and energy policy »

    Opportunity: Europe can continue reducing emissions in the short term and work towards full decarbonisation over the longer term. It is putting in place policies to help deliver these cuts now.

    EDF's work: Advance new policy ideas and target quick wins, such as methane from oil and gas, working with partners across Europe.

  • ICP

    Energy efficiency through private investment »

    Opportunity: Europe aims to slash carbon emissions from buildings by 90 percent by 2050. An estimated €3.5 trillion in renovations is needed – a level of financing only the private sector can supply.

    EDF's work: Increase private investment through Investor Confidence Project Europe, which puts in place standards for predicting, monitoring, and verifying costs and savings from energy efficiency projects.

Updates on our work