Climate: Securing a cleaner future

Our climate is in peril
Climate change threatens our water and food supply, and impacts nature in incalcuable ways.

When it comes to climate change, it's a race against time. The world must reduce emissions—now.

It's an enormous challenge, but we have many reasons for hope.

To help the world turn the corner, we've zeroed in on solutions with the biggest impact.

Our climate initiatives

  • Remove obstacles to clean energy

    Clear the path to clean energy »

    Why: Outdated policies governing electric utilities don't fairly value clean energy, and polluters have had free license to pollute. 

    How: We'll help overhaul obsolete rules that restrict the new energy market, while supporting and defending EPA's Clean Power Plan.

  • Launch market-wide solutions in China

    Launch market-wide solutions in China »

    Why: China is now the world’s top emitter of climate pollution. 

    How: We're working directly with China's government to help the nation launch market-based solutions to trim emissions, while leveraging our business networks to lower pollution in China's vast manufacturing sector.

  • Lower climate pollution from natural gas

    Lower climate pollution from natural gas »

    Why: We'll slow the pace of climate change if we cut carbon dioxide and potent short-acting gases like methane.

    How: We're targeting key states to pass methane standards, and making the case for fixing methane leaks across the natural gas supply chain.

  • Foster sustainable land use

    Foster sustainable land use »

    Why: Deforestation and unsustainable land use, like fertilizer pollution, are major contributors to climate change. 

    How: We’re advancing market approaches that increase the value of rainforests and sustainable agriculture.

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