Forging key business partnerships

Companies have opportunities to trim climate pollution yet save money

Walmart factory

EDF global value chain expert Andrew Hutson and a Walmart associate in China discuss energy efficiency changes to a machine.

Our partnerships with companies focus on environmental measures that save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Walmart: World’s largest retailer

No company has a greater potential to effect environmental change than Walmart — which is why we opened a Bentonville office down the street from their headquarters in 2007, and set to work on helping them achieve key sustainability improvements.

We're also working with Walmart to make sure they reach their commitment to eliminate 20 million metric tons of greenhouse gas pollution by 2015, which will reduce carbon emissions equivalent to taking 3.8 million cars off the road for one year.  

Our next steps are to implement energy efficiency measures "upstream"—in the factories that supply Walmart's suppliers—and create the financing needed to spread these improvements to factories throughout China. 

Also, see how EDF and Walmart work together to make retailer's products safer.

Climate Corps: Energy management to the max

Our fellowship program places top-tier graduate students in the biggest U.S. corporations— AT&T, Facebook, McDonalds, Microsoft, Target and more — to develop practical, actionable energy efficiency plans.

Since its creation in 2008, Climate Corps has had enormous success. Twenty-seven Fortune 100 companies have hosted EDF Climate Corps fellows, and many are immediately hired on as full-time sustainability officers after they graduate.

All told, some 400 fellows have uncovered nearly $1.3 billion in potential energy savings and yearly carbon emission reductions equivalent to taking 260,000 cars off the road.

Labor unions discover dual benefits of efficiency

EDF partners with labor unions to help teach them how to sleuth out energy efficiency measures. This valuable job training helps bring new climate change allies on board, and gives  union members an extra competitive edge. So far, the program has led to results like this:

  • 9% cut in annual carbon emissions and 10% in annual energy costs at CG Power in Washington, MO
  • 20% cut in both annual carbon emissions and annual energy costs at Cobasys in Springboro, OH
  • 13% reduction in annual carbon emissions and 14% in annual energy costs at Sheboygan Paper Box Company in Sheboygan, WI

"The treasure hunt team showed us how simply changes can lead to significant reductions in waste and energy consumptions," said J.P. Davis, General Manager at CG Power.

Green returns for private equity investment

Our work helping private equity firms find ways to reduce environmental impacts while building more valuable, competitive companies provides us with powerful means to impact a wide range of businesses across the economy.

FedEx: Launching an industry revolution

Together with FedEx and Eaton Corporation, we developed the world's first commercially successful hybrid delivery truck. Today more than 100 vehicle fleets are using hybrid trucks.

The environmental and business gains have set a new industry standard – thanks to EDF.

FedEx Express president and CEO David Bronzek