Act now: Key opportunity to support carbon limits

With no limits in place now, power plants emit 40% of U.S. carbon pollution

The most important thing we can do to avert climate change this year is to make sure EPA's proposed Clean Power Plan are enacted.


The most important thing we can do to avert climate change this year is support the EPA's newly proposed Clean Power Plan.

Why? The standards outlined in the plan, for the first time ever, would limit carbon pollution from its largest source—power plants.

Your voice matters in this fight

These proposed standards are already under fire from opponents who refuse to accept the threat of climate change.

Given how long and hard we've fought for meaningful climate action, we must outmatch their noise and make sure these rules go on the books. You can support the EPA and the Obama Administration by filing comments in support of the standards.

Tell the EPA you support the Clean Power Plan

More reasons to support limits

  • Boost clean energy: Limiting carbon pollution spurs new investments in energy efficiency and alternative power sources, hastening a cleaner, more nimble energy infrastructure.
  • Strong, common-sense protections: States will craft plans to meet the standards. They will have flexibility to tailor their plans to the characteristics and needs of their state—so long as they achieve equivalent or greater reductions in carbon pollution.
  • Unprecedented progress: The proposed standards represent a major step in fulfilling the U.S. Climate Action Plan and build upon standards EPA proposed last year—pollution limits on future power plants. With both sets of standards in place, the scale of progress is momentous.

For all these reasons, the rules are an essential piece of a broad strategy to avert the climate crisis.

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