• John Finnigan, based in Ohio, is a senior regulatory attorney with EDF's U.S. Climate and Energy program.

  • Tim, a senior policy specialist, leads EDF’s sustainable seafood program. You can follow him on Twitter @hawaiifitz

  • Brendan is a project manager at EDF and works with AT&T to cut water, chemical and energy use in building cooling systems and to improve overall building efficiency. 
  • Suzy, EDF's sustainable agriculture director, leads our work to advance economically viable initiatives to improve water quality and ecosystem resilience through collaboration with agriculture.

  • Rod, director of research and development for EDF's Oceans program, is a leader in the theory and practice of sustainable fisheries that align conservation with the business of fishing.

  • Jason was a staff scientist.

  • Keith is EDF's climate communications director.

  • Jon Goldstein is a senior energy policy manager at EDF, where he works to improve regulation of the oil and gas industry in the Rocky Mountain Region.

  • Dan Grossman is the regional director for EDF's Rocky Mountain Regional Office in Boulder, CO.

  • Steven is EDF’s public voice for its commitment to science-based advocacy and is responsible for the scientific integrity of our positions and programs. His training and research specialty is ecosystem ecology, with a focus on forests.

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