• Graham, a native Coloradan, is a staff attorney.  

  • Will leads EDF’s effort on biomass energy to address the multiple land, water and wildlife issues associated with increased land-based energy production.
  • Jennifer McPartland, Ph.D., is a health scientist at EDF focusing on chemicals policy.

  • Kyle Meng is an environmental economist and a post-doctoral fellow with EDF's economic policy and analysis team.
  • Victoria Mills, based in Boston, is the managing director of EDF's Climate Corps program. 

  • Marita Mirzatuny is a program manager in EDF's U.S. Climate and Energy program.

  • Sitar is a senior manager of strategy at EDF's Climate Corps program.
  • Maggie Monast, based in Raleigh, NC, is a policy analyst for EDF's Land, Water and Wildlife program  

  • Lisa, an Environmental Defense Fund scientist, works to ensure that our ongoing work is based on the best available science. She also leads an effort to identify and explore emerging issues that may be relevant to our mission.

  • Diane is EDF's senior director of Clean Energy Collaboration. She defines the program's strategy and serves as a key contact person for partners in the clean energy sector.

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