• Maggie Monast, based in Raleigh, NC, is a policy analyst for EDF's Land, Water and Wildlife program  

  • Lisa, an Environmental Defense Fund scientist, works to ensure that our ongoing work is based on the best available science. She also leads an effort to identify and explore emerging issues that may be relevant to our mission.

  • Dylan Murray, an associate in the International Climate program at EDF, works on forest preservation in the Amazon River Basin. 

  • Tom spearheads the Corporate Partnerships program, EDF’s innovative work with multinational companies to accelerate environmental innovation in business products, services and operations.

  • Lauren, an attorney and California clean energy senior manager, guides utilities and their regulatory agencies to design smart grid plans. 
  • Marcelo Norsworthy, based in EDF's Austin, TX, office, works on air pollution issues related to seaports and freight movement. He is particularly interested in the localized health effects of pollution emissions. 

  • Tim O'Connor is a lawyer and the director of EDF's California Climate Initiative. 

  • Ilissa Ocko is a High-Meadows Post-Doctoral Science Fellow at EDF.

  • Robert leads EDF’s protocol, policy, and pilot development of greenhouse gas mitigation projects for working landowners which can be used in voluntary and compliance markets, including AB32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act. 
  • Sam is Environmental Defense Fund's director of online membership and activism.

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