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A view of downtown Sacramento from a marsh in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

EDF is making California an environmental leader through market-based policies that generate economic advantages.

  • Winery and solar panels in California

    Climate launch pad

    Success Story

    The state has initiated the nation’s first economy-wide cap on greenhouse gases.

  • Dollars in hand

    On-bill repayment

    Our Strategy

    We hope to expand a program that lets homeowners apply for low-cost energy efficiency upgrade loans.

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    From the summit to sea

    Our Strategy

    In California, we are quantifying the economic value of threatened ecosystems.

Media contacts

    • Minna Jung(415) 293-6111 (office) envelopeEmail MinnaFor questions about: AB32, cap and trade, energy.
    • Chandler Clay202-572-3312 (office)envelopeEmail Chandler For questions about: Ecosystems, Bay Delta, Pacific Ocean.

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Policy resources

Climate change in California:

  • Overview: Our work on climate change in California
  • AB 32: More about the law

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