Timothy O'Connor

Senior Director and Senior Attorney, Energy Transition Strategy


Areas of expertise:
Transportation fuels and vehicles, gas and electric utilities, administrative law

Tim O’Connor is a Senior Director and Senior Attorney in EDF’s Energy program. Based in California, he currently leads the organization’s strategy on energy transitions – focused on reducing fossil fuel use and dependence in global heavy and medium-duty transport markets and the built environment.

Since joining EDF in 2007, he has been involved at state agencies and legislatures on climate and clean energy initiatives, with particular focus on oil and gas production and delivery, clean energy, cap-and-trade, transportation fuels and clean vehicles. During this time, Tim has also managed EDF’s participation in both state and federal courts in California on issues related to climate change, fuels and energy.


Prior to joining EDF, Tim was a senior governmental compliance inspector at heavy industrial facilities, including petroleum refineries and power plants, in the San Francisco bay area.

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