Timothy O'Connor

Senior Attorney & Director, California Climate

Areas of expertise: Climate change, clean energy, natural gas, transportation fuels and vehicles, innovation and technology, market mechanisms


Timothy is the Director of EDF's California Climate Initiative in the San Francisco office. Since joining EDF in 2007, Tim has been actively involved in EDF's work in the state legislature, state and federal courts, and at the state CPUC and CEC on issues related to climate change and clean energy.

Focusing on the implementation of AB 32, California's landmark global warming law, Tim utilizes years of cross-cutting experiences in the government, non-profit and the private sectors to advocate for solutions to reduce pollution and support innovative solutions related to heavy industry and power plant emissions, transportation fuels and vehicles, and compliance instruments in cap-and-trade programs.


Prior to joining EDF, Tim was a senior compliance inspector at heavy industrial facilities including petroleum refineries and power plants in the San Francisco bay area. Tim holds a Masters of Environmental Management Degree from Duke University and a Juris Doctor from Golden Gate University with specializations in Environmental and Public Interest Law.

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    Timothy O'Connor


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