Our oceans experts

  • Landman, Jessica Interim Director, European Oceans Program

    Areas of expertise: U.S. and international marine policy and law, rebuilding fisheries

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Leland, Amanda Senior Vice President, Oceans

    Areas of expertise: Oceans Programs, renewing fisheries, marine protected areas

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Lindley Smith, Sarah Manager, Northeast Coastal Ecosystems

    Areas of expertise: Marine protected areas, marine spatial planning, fishing communities, cooperative management

    Office: Boston

  • Litsinger, Emilie Director, Philippines Oceans

    Areas of expertise: Oceans Program, catch shares, marine protected areas

  • Mahoney, Melissa Pacific Fisheries Policy Manager

    Areas of expertise: Fisheries Management/policy, human dimensions of fisheries, collaborative fisheries research, electronic monitoring, visual communications

  • Areas of expertise: Shark Conservation, Latin American & the Caribbean, Cooperative Resource Management

    Office: Austin, Texas

  • Mimikakis, John Vice President, Oceans

    Areas of expertise: Oceans Programs, catch shares

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Nanninga, Roxanne Senior Specialist, Seafood Markets Strategy

    Areas of expertise: Global seafood value chains, market-based sustainability programs and certifications, traceability, Latin America & the Caribbean, fisheries

    Office: Raleigh, North Carolina

  • O’Brien, Sarah Fisheries Policy Manager

    Areas of expertise: Fisheries monitoring and data collection; electronic monitoring, Fisheries policy and management, Pacific tuna, Sea turtle biology and conservation, Coral reef ecology

    Office: San Francisco

  • Ortiz, Rafael Senior Manager, Gulf of California Fisheries

    Areas of expertise: Fisheries, Ocean Conservation, Stakeholder Engagement, Research and Analysis, Ecophysiology

    Office: La Paz, Mexico

  • Priddle, Erin UK Fisheries Manager, EU Oceans Program

    Areas of expertise: Policy Development, Environmental Regulation, Research and Analysis, Rights-based fisheries management/Catch-shares, stakeholder engagement, sustainable development, EU and UK fisheries regulation

    Office: Europe

  • Rader, Douglas N. Chief Oceans Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Oceans Program, renewing fisheries, marine protected areas, coral reef ecosystems, climate impacts on oceans

    Office: Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Rife, Alexis Manager, Diagnostics & Design

    Areas of expertise: Fisheries management, rights-based management, fisheries policy and governance, marine protected areas, small-scale fisheries

  • Rodriguez, Laura F. Senior Director, Mexico Oceans Program

    Areas of expertise: Oceans Programs, Latin America & the Caribbean, Restoring Mexico’s Gulf of California, catch shares

    Office: La Paz, Mexico

  • Ruiter, Pamela Senior Project Manager, Spain

    Areas of expertise: Oceans program, Seafood markets, catch shares, renewing fisheries, EU Fisheries policy, TURF Reserves

    Office: Europe

  • Spiller, Beia Senior Economist

    Areas of expertise: Transportation, energy demand, shale gas

    Office: New York City

  • Areas of expertise: Fisheries management and policy, marine ecology, natural resources economics.

    Office: La Paz, Mexico

  • Strauss, Kent Manager, Research & Development

    Areas of expertise: Environmental markets, natural resource economics, renewable resources and ocean conservation

    Office: San Francisco

  • Areas of expertise: Fisheries science, stock assessments, data collection and management

    Office: Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Thomas, Johanna Director of Planning and Strategy, Oceans Program

    Areas of expertise: Oceans programs, renewing fisheries, strategic planning

    Office: San Francisco