Richie Ahuja

Regional Director, Asia

Areas of expertise: Climate change, India, international development, international climate finance, climate change adaptation


Richie Ahuja is an expert in business development strategies and spearheads EDF’s engagement in Asia, with an emphasis on India, Korea and Vietnam. Richie is focused on exploring innovative local ideas for promoting low-carbon development and on disseminating information and best practices around these ideas.

Within this framework, Richie’s work in Asia includes the following focal activities:

  • Working with the business sector to leverage climate change to support low-carbon development and help Asia become a net exporter of climate change solutions.
  • Engaging on domestic market design and international market linkages.
  • Expanding the dialog on climate change amongst the larger population – especially among rural farmers and Indian youth.
  • Working with policy makers to identify promising low carbon development strategies and policies that can a) strengthen food security b) energy security and c) develop a low carbon infrastructure that is globally competitive.
  • Developing programs that link farmers to the international carbon market in ways that promote mitigation, support development in the rural economy, accelerate poverty alleviation, and strengthen adaptation to the effects of climate change.

Within the UNFCCC framework, Richie focuses on climate change finance. Specifically, he works with partners on developing innovative mechanisms that can support a flow of funds from the developed to the developing/emerging economies and ensuring climate finance effectiveness.

Languages: Hindi, Punjabi, English


Richie is an expert in international business, having worked with industries such as logistics, recycled paper, telecommunications and financial software. He received his MBA in International Business from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and his B. Com (honors) from St. Xavier's College in Calcutta, India.

  • Richie Ahuja

    Richie Ahuja


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