Mary Barber

Director, State Affairs


Areas of expertise:
New York and New Jersey energy policy, vehicle electrification, energy efficiency

As EDF’s Director, Regulatory & Legislative Affairs, Mary Barber focuses on energy policy in New York and New Jersey. She works with government agencies, non-profits and businesses to develop sound energy policies that promote clean energy and decarbonization in the transportation sector and that align gas regulation and climate goals.


Prior to her current role, Mary was an integral part of EDF’s efforts to advocate for the passage of Congestion Pricing in New York City, which was approved and could help fund public transportation, cut traffic and improve air quality in the Big Apple. She was also instrumental in advocating for the passage of New Jersey’s Clean Energy Act of 2018, which set the state on a path to source 50 percent of its power from renewables by 2030. In 2010, Mary launched EDF’s Investor Confidence Project (ICP), a system designed to develop building retrofit opportunities into reliable Investor Ready Energy Efficient™ projects.


B.A., Elmira College

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