Kent Strauss

Manager, Fisheries Research and Innovation

Areas of expertise: Environmental markets, natural resource economics, renewable resources and ocean conservation


Kent Strauss is a Manager at EDF, where he studies global experiences in fisheries management to inform the design of policies that can achieve environmental and economic sustainability. Kent is a co-author of EDF’s Catch Share Design Manual, a synthesis of the experience of hundreds of global fisheries using market-based privileges, and has presented on fisheries economics and management domestically and abroad.


Prior to joining Environmental Defense Fund, Kent Strauss served as a consultant to several non-profits and academic universities, helping these institutions draw the connection between fisheries management, environmental markets and performance outcomes. Kent holds a bachelors degree in economics from the University of Oregon. He is well versed in presenting economic theory, modeling data sets and analyzing policy instruments for natural resource management.

B.S. Economics (honors), University of Oregon, 2008


Bonzon, K., McIlwain, K., Strauss, C.K. and Van Leuvan, T. (2010). Catch Share Design Manual: A Guide for Managers and Fishermen. Environmental Defense Fund.

Ovando, D. A., Deacon, R. T., Lester, S. E., Costello, C., Van Leuvan, T., McIlwain, K., ... & Uchida, H. (2012). Conservation incentives and collective choices in cooperative fisheries. Marine Policy. Vol 37: 132–140.

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