Estelle Robichaux

Senior Restoration Project Analyst, Mississippi River Delta Restoration


Areas of expertise: Large-scale ecosystem restoration and management, ecosystem-based and adaptive management, wetlands policy and ecosystem services, public policy implementation, science communication, natural infrastructure, rivers and deltas

Estelle advocates for and provides evidence to support internal and external science-based decision-making, relating to Mississippi River Delta restoration efforts. She monitors the progress and development of science and restoration initiatives that were established in the wake of the BP oil disaster.


Estelle is a broadly trained scientist with a passion for wetlands conservation and restoration. She has a background in both the natural and social sciences as well as extensive experience in formal and informal science education. Her field and research background is also wide-ranging, spanning wetlands, marine and wildlife, from Costa Rica to South Africa to South Caicos. Prior to graduate school, Estelle worked with the Louisiana State University AgCenter on their 4-H Marsh Maneuvers program and the Florida Fish & Wildlife Research Institute.


  • B.A. in Economics and French, Wellesley College
  • M.S. in Interdisciplinary Ecology, with a concentration in Wetland Sciences, University of Florida
  • Estelle Robichaux

    Estelle Robichaux


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