Scientists David Lyon and Mackenzie Smith talking in a small plane in hangar
David Lyon, left, an EDF scientist, and Mackenzie Smith, a scientist at Scientific Aviation, discuss methane emissions data collected by sensors during flights over New Mexico and Texas oil fields.
Our work

What makes our solutions last?

When we bring the right problem-solvers together, we see the challenges more clearly. With that know-how and insight, we take action in ways that endure.

Impact by the numbers

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    Acres that have protected 63 rare species, thanks to EDF’s efforts to give landowners incentives to help wildlife

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    The amount in energy savings EDF Climate Corps fellows have uncovered for top companies since 2008

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    Countries around the world where EDF works with partners and allies to solve the most critical environmental problems

What we do

Thanks to our supporters and partners, EDF follows the evidence to zero in on the areas where our expertise can make the biggest difference:


We're working to stabilize the climate, creating new ways to cut emissions.

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Solving climate change takes a global effort

Staff perspective

Working with partners around the world helps stabilize the climate, while supporting the well-being of local communities.
Kritee Kritee

Kritee Kritee

Senior Scientist


We're transforming the world's energy system, making it cleaner.

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We’re building a satellite to cut climate pollution worldwide

Staff perspective

Transparent data that shows where there are problems and opportunities creates faster, more effective solutions — that’s the goal we’re after.
Steven Hamburg

Steven Hamburg

Chief Scientist


We craft sustainable ways to grow food and supply water, protecting nature.

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Case study

Using the supply chain to slash fertilizer pollution

Partner perspective

Neither of us has all the answers, but EDF has persuaded us to move in directions I did not know were possible or practical.

Bill Couser

Iowa grain farmer


We work globally to create oceans and coastal communities that thrive.

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How to reverse the overfishing crisis

Partner perspective

EDF was the first environmental organization I’ve met that shows an interest in what’s good for fishermen.

Buddy Guindon

Gulf of Mexico fisherman


A healthier environment means healthier people. We focus on both.

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How we’re using technology to tackle air pollution around the globe

Partner perspective

Today, more than ever, we must protect people, especially the most vulnerable, from environmental pollution. EDF is a critical partner in this effort.

Georges C. Benjamin, M.D.

American Public Health Association

How we do it

To forge the most effective solutions, EDF approaches the biggest environmental challenges from these angles:


Rigorous science is our bedrock. It drives everything we do.

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Partner perspective

Scientists don’t always understand how to get people to act on their data. That’s where EDF has proven to be superb.

Daniel McCleese

MethaneSAT Science Advisory Group


What makes a boat smart, and why does it matter?


We examine every environmental problem through an economic lens.

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Staff perspective

Many decisions that cause environmental damage are rooted in economics, and so are the solutions.
Suzi Kerr

Suzi Kerr

Chief Economist

Case Study

How economics solved acid rain


With our partners, we achieve what no environmental group can do alone.

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Partner perspective

We've got a strong partnership with EDF, and together we're getting important things done.

Doug McMillon

President and CEO, Walmart

Case study

Our partnership with Walmart brings big change


With our allies, we shape strong, bipartisan policy and fight for great environmental laws.

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Staff perspective

EDF helped lay the foundation for today’s bedrock environmental laws. We know how to defend them.
Vickie Patton

Vickie Patton

General Counsel


Getting the laws right in contentious times