Statement on Senate Committee Inaction on the Nomination of Gina McCarthy

May 9, 2013
Keith Gaby,, 202-572-3336
Sharyn Stein,, 202-572-3396 
“Senator Vitter is playing the kind of political games that make Congress so unpopular. Gina McCarthy is a widely respected, non-partisan expert who has been appointed by both Republicans and Democrats.  Her qualifications have been endorsed by major business leaders.  A majority of the Committee is prepared to approve her nomination and let her get to work.  It’s time to be solving problems – like how to make our air and water cleaner – not creating more delays for the sake of insider politics.”
- Elizabeth Thompson, EDF Director of Congressional Affairs
Praise for Gina McCarthy
Jodi Rell, former Republican Governor of CT
“Her leadership on climate issues is nationally respected, so it comes as no surprise that the Obama administration would reach out
Jeff Holmstead, former EPA air chief under George W. Bush
“McCarthy has shown a willingness to listen to and understand industry’s legitimate concerns.”
Scott Segal, lawyer with Bracewell & Giuliani (Houston law firm that represents energy companies
“Gina McCarthy is engaging, effective and willing to listen to the regulated community — even if we don’t always agree with her final rules.”
Ralph Izzo, CEO of Public Service Enterprise Group, Inc.
“President Obama’s selection of Gina McCarthy to lead EPA is a very good one.  In the past four years as chief of EPA’s air office, she has demonstrated commitment and integrity in implementing key measures of the Clean Air Act.  As a communicator Gina is candid and forthright, and her ability to balance economic, energy, and environmental issues will serve her well as EPA Administrator.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Gina and her staff and remain committed to working with EPA to address the key environmental issues that impact our industry and our region.” 
Gloria Berquist, VP of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
“She’s a pragmatic policymaker. She has aspirational environmental goals, but she accepts real-world economics.”
John McManus, American Electric Power’s VP of environmental services
“My sense is that Gina is listening, has an open mind, she wants to hear the concerns of the regulated sector.”
Stephen Harper, Director of Environment and Energy Policy, Intel
“When you go into a meeting with Gina, you know where she stands on the environment, but she’s very pragmatic about the means to achieving an end.”
“We think she’s somebody the industry can work with on problem-solving.”
Tom Buis, CEO, Growth Energy
“Our working relationship with Gina McCarthy has been outstanding. She’s very upfront, she’s very direct, but more importantly, she’s willing to listen to all the different stakeholders in the debate.”
“I don’t know anyone in the industry who doesn’t have the utmost respect for her.”
Dr. Jerome Paulson, Pediatrician
“Gina McCarthy has demonstrated she can put science above politics. Gina McCarthy is clearly a leader in the protection of children from environmental health threats.”
Climate change is the most important environmental health problem facing the children of the U.S. and the world
David Levine, CEO and Founder, American Sustainable Business Council
“American Sustainable Business Council applauds the nomination of Gina McCarthy as Administrator of the EPA.”
“We believe that Ms. McCarthy can provide the strong leadership needed at EPA, including pushing forward on clean air and working collaboratively with the business community.”
“She understands that economic prosperity is not at odds with environmental protection. She was an advocate for crafting environmental policies to increase market certainties; for us, that means growing business and creating jobs.”
Charles Warren, a top EPA official in the Reagan administration. Now represents industries at the firm of Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel
“At EPA, as a regulator, you’re always asking people to do things they don’t want to do. But Gina’s made an effort to reach out to industries while they’re developing regulations. She has a good reputation.”
Donna Harman, president and chief executive of the American Forest and Paper Association
“She’s very data- and fact-driven, and that’s been helpful for us as well as the entire business community. It doesn’t mean I always got what I was looking for, but we can have a dialogue.”
Cal Dooley, American Chemistry Council President
Said he and his group’s members “have a lot of confidence in McCarthy’s leadership ability.”
Rev. Mitch Hescox, President/CEO of the Evangelical Environmental Network
“Protecting our children’s health testifies to the moral character of our nation. With one in three American children now suffering from asthma, autism, ADHD, and allergies, all linked to environmental toxins, we need someone to champion our kids’ health. Gina McCarthy’s nomination as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)places her in the position of our country’s top cop on children’s environmental health. We support her nomination wholeheartedly. Ms. McCarthy’s record as a champion for our children in Massachusetts under Governor Romney, running Connecticut’s Department of Environmental Protection, and as Assistant EPA Administrator, testifies to her ability to get the job done.
In my experience, Gina is tough, but also fair. She listens to all sides and strikes a balance in enforcing our nation’s laws.
We are a nation who lives by the rule of law. It’s been over twenty years since the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments and only now are important portions of that law being enforced, such as reducing mercury pollution. Our children’s health must be protected, and Gina McCarthy is the good cop we need to get the job done.”
Bill Becker, Executive Director, National Association of Clean Air Agencies
“I want to express my enthusiasm for Gina McCarthy’s nomination for Administrator of the EPA. She’s the perfect choice. She knows what works and equally important what doesn’t.”
“I have seen her operate and I guarantee the American public will love her style. She’s brutally honest and she makes things happen.”
“We’re certain she’ll be an outstanding administrator to protect the health and welfare of the environmental threats this world faces.”
“She’s brutally honest, very fair, humorous, and an incredibly hard worker. She’s not an ideologue. She’s a practitioner.”
The Clean Energy Group  
As Assistant Administrator of EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation, Gina McCarthy has taken a measured approach to balancing energy and environmental issues while thoughtfully engaging with industry to develop sensible clean air policies. Pending and future environmental regulations will require continued collaboration with federal agencies, states, and other stakeholders and we are confident this will continue under her leadership. We look forward to continuing to work with Ms. McCarthy and her staff to constructively address environmental issues that affect the electric generating sector.
United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Javier Palomarez
“Throughout her career of public service, Assistant Administrator McCarthy has shown that environmental responsibility can exist side by side with economic growth. She has shown a willingness to work thoughtfully with the business community in creating a balanced approach, ensuring American competitiveness while improving environmental standards. Her experience working with both Democrats and Republicans has shown that she views the creation of an energy-efficient economy as a way to open new markets for small businesses and stimulate job growth.”

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