Statement by EDF President Fred Krupp in Reaction to President-elect Obama's Greeting to Bi-Partisan Governors Climate Summit

November 18, 2008


Contact: Tony Kreindler, EDF, 202-210-5791 (cell), or 202-572-3378 (w)

(Washington—November 18, 2008) President-elect Obama got it exactly right: the effort to create millions of jobs and restore American leadership will “start with a federal cap and trade system.” His approach to dealing with our economic, energy, and environmental problems together makes a huge amount of sense. He’s clearly rejecting the timid, business-as-usual approach that often keeps Washington from solving our biggest problems. His plan – to reduce emissions to their 1990 levels by 2020 and an additional 80% by 2050 – will jump-start job creation in new energy industries, and take a huge step toward solving climate change. We strongly applaud President-elect Obama’s statement today, and his leadership on this issue.

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