Obama administration facing a choice in U.S-EU aviation policy

June 22, 2011

From Annie Petsonk, International Counsel, Environmental Defense Fund, who attended today’s Oslo U.S-EU bilateral meetings on aviation:

“Europe has taken the lead. While the United States raised objections to having the EU Emissions Trading System cover American carriers, Europe responded by inviting the U.S. to discuss equivalent measures that could exempt flights between Europe and the United States.

“The Obama Administration has a choice: it can stand in the way of the only program in the world that sets enforceable limits on carbon pollution from aviation, or it can begin to craft a program that taps the ingenuity of this dynamic sector to cut pollution, lower costs, and reduce America’s dependence on imported oil.

“Today’s meeting marks the first time the environmental community has been invited to observe US-EU negotiations under the air travel agreements, and we appreciate the invitation of the United States Government to attend.”

From Pamela Campos, Attorney, Environmental Defense Fund, who represented EDF at the Paris Air Show this week:

“The airline industry is ripe with innovation, and American companies stand to gain by providing solutions.”