Majority Of Texans Favor Full Chemical Disclosure In Hydraulic Fracturing

April 6, 2011


Matt Smelser, 512.731.3023,

(Austin – April 6, 2011) The Environmental Defense Fund purchased space on a statewide poll of Texas Republican Primary voters taken April 2-4, 2011 by Baselice and Associates. The results showed that 82 percent of Texas Republican Primary voters thought Texas oil and gas drillers should be required to publicly disclose the chemicals they use in hydraulic fracturing. 

From Scott Anderson, Senior Policy Advisor:

“These results are a clear indication that it is time for industry to stop hiding the ball. An overwhelming majority of Texans, including Republican primary voters, want to require industry to tell the public what is in hydraulic fracturing fluid.”

Participants were asked:
“Should oil and gas drillers in Texas be required to publicly disclose what chemicals, along with the water and sand, are used in their hydraulic fracturing operations?”
In response, 82 percent said yes, 13 percent said no and five percent were either unsure or refused to answer.