EDF releases San Francisco peregrine falcon PSA

April 10, 2012

Contact: Jennifer Witherspoon, EDF Communications Director 415.293.6067

Captivate Network donates ad space in 43 buildings to time with environmental content

(San Francisco, Ca.- April 9, 2012) Starting today more than just avid bird watchers will have viewing access to the nest of San Francisco’s peregrine falcons, Dapper Dan and Diamond Lil, and their four falcon chicks nesting 33 stories above downtown San Francisco.

To time with Earth Day on April 22nd, the Captivate Network is running environmental content all month. EDF was granted a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to run for free in 43 buildings on 375 elevator screens from April 9 - April 29th. The PSA is expected to garner over 800,000 impressions and is worth approximately 18,000 dollars. The PSA can be viewed on YouTube. The PSA features some stunning photos by Glenn Nevill.

Environmental Defense Fund issued the PSA to raise awareness about the recovery of the peregrine falcons, using San Francisco’s nesting pair as emblems of wildlife recovery. EDF got its start in 1967 by working to ban the pesticide DDT that was weakening the egg shells of birds of prey, like the bald eagle and the peregrine falcon. To learn more about this environmental success story visit www.edf.org/falcons.

“It’s a wonderful daily reminder of why we do what we do,” said Lisa Moore, a scientist in the San Francisco office of the Environmental Defense Fund. “Every spring our office gets excited watching the peregrines fly right outside our office windows andwaiting for the chicks to hatch and later take flight. I hope that other San Franciscans get inspired by this environmental success story,” continued Moore.

EDF worked to get the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban DDT in 1972. The recovery of many bird populations, including peregrine falcons, can be seen today. While there were once only two breeding pairs of peregrine falcons in all of California, today more than 250 pairs thrive, according to the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group (SCPBRG).


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